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The Cure For Your Diseased Surfaces. How To Kill That Organic Invader.

Save Time, Money and Headaches

Left Side: After Treatment/ Right Side: Before Treatment

Let me start by saying any organic growth like moss, algae (black streaks), mold or lichen are alien invaders. They do not belong on the surfaces of your home. You need to destroy these infections on your delicate surfaces before they cause damage. Do not let the exterior of your home suffer. We have the cure! Our cure kills, destroys and removes these infectious growths SAFELY.



In my previous article, soft washing vs pressure washing, I expressed the difference between the two and why it is important to know the difference. If you have not checked out the article yet, please do! Here I wanted to speak more to the soft washing side because this method is used in all our delicate surface cleanings.

You may ask yourself why it is important to know this information or why you would want to hire a professional company to complete your exterior cleaning. I believe it is very important to know this information because your home or office is one of your biggest investments. It is very important to protect your investment. It is important to hire a professional and experienced company to complete this cleaning. Having a company with the experience, knowledge, training and proper tools to complete this cleaning will provide you not only peace of mind but also a longer lasting clean. It is very important to clean and maintain the exterior of your home or office on a regular basis. It is equally important to look for and hire a company that has the proper experience, tools and training. This will save you money and many headaches.

With Hogwash, you will have seasoned and trained professionals completing the clean with commercial grade cleaning solutions and equipment. We know the method of cleaning to use on the cleaning task at hand. We know what special nozzles, hoses, tips and solution mix to use when washing.  I wanted to write a separate article to elaborate more on soft washing. In the pressure washing industry, roof and house washing and soft washing go hand in hand. Experienced Professionals know that you never use pressure of any type on a roof or siding when cleaning it. Other terms used in the pressure washing industry include low pressure washing and no pressure washing. No matter which term you like to use, the result is a clean exterior that hasn’t been damaged from high pressure equipment

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the new revolution in cleaning your exterior. Just like pressure washing, soft washing has its place in the exterior cleaning world. It is the only method proven to safely eradicate organic infections like algae (black streaks), moss, lichen, mildew or mold from delicate surfaces such as siding, roofs, decks, fences and stucco. The pressure that should be applied to your home is comparable to a heavy rain storm or pressure of a normal garden hose. You want to use a method that is recommended or you could void any manufacturer warranty. Trust me, if you look in the fine print of your shingled roof manufacturer, you will see written into their warranties that any pressure washing to the shingle will void the warranty. Do not put yourself in that predicament. Pressure washers can and will cause damage if you use them on delicate surfaces.  Adding inexperience to the mix and you could be looking at a mess.

Our soft washing method is completed by using soft wash pumps to apply a commercial grade solution and surfactant at low pressure to clean delicate surfaces. Our systems consist of a holding tank for our solution, a holding tank for our surfactant, a holding tank for water, a solution pump, hose and hose reels, marine battery, trigger gun to control flow, and special nozzles to spray the solution. These systems are setup to allow a metered solution mix to be applied to the exterior surfaces. This is beneficial because it allows the solution to do the work without using unnecessary pressure. Now soft washing is not only about the system setup but also the technique of applications. You need to know how to spray the solution coming out of the soft washing trigger gun. It is very important to have proper training and experience. Inexperience with the technique could lead to improper cleaning. Looking for a company to complete your cleanings should take time. You want to look at their overall experience and knowledge.

Here at Hogwash, we go through extensive training in safety and the soft washing method, we attend seminars, invest in commercial grade equipment and solutions, know all the governmental laws and continue to educate on innovative changes in our special niche business. We also carry liability and bonding policies to give additional peace of mind to our clients. You will find that Hogwash Cleaning Solutions is your go to company for anything exterior, especially pertaining to your delicate surfaces. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and the effectiveness of our product. The cost to have us clean is significantly less than it would be to replace it. We can add instant curb appeal and increase the value of a home with a simple clean. We are a distinguished company and no one does what we do. We see those organic growths as an alien invader hanging on the surfaces of your home. We do not want this diseased invader to continue spreading on and around your home. We have the cure! Soft washing with our cleaning solution will kill the microbe and give life back to its host. Let us show you the Hogwash Difference. We know you will not be disappointed. Keep and maintain the life of the surfaces around your home or business.


Gutter Nightmares

Do You Suffer From Gutter Nightmares?

We all know the many headaches gutters can create. What would you say if I told you I had the perfect solution? I’m sure you want to know more. So here I go…

We know gutters are designed to do one critical thing and that’s to channel water away from the foundation to protect the structural integrity of our home. However, to do this job properly, they have to be kept free of clogs, holes and sags. This is where those headaches come into play. If you don’t maintain routine maintenance on your gutters, you end up with a bigger mess on your hands.

Most Common Problem

We all know the biggest issue is clogged gutters and living in the North Country, we know this all too well with those pine needles. These clogs can cause a number of issues. The clog will prevent water from flowing away from the foundation, resulting in it not doing its intended purpose. The debris build-up from leaves, twigs and standing water can create excess weight and make the gutter pull or sag away from the fascia. It also can cause serious water damage to your home such as your foundation.


clogged gutter leaves cracked foundation damage icedam clogged gutter incorrect water flow clogged gutter

Now we all have good intentions when purchasing gutters. However, when life gets in the way and we become busy with normal daily activities, our gutters are neglected. They then become a shelf to hold all the things you don’t want.

You Have Three Options:

Clean It Yourself

Hire A Company

Purchase Gutter Caps or Gutter Guards

Your 1st Option: Take quality time out of your day to spend a few hours cleaning your gutters. Is this what I recommend? NO….my reasons….

There are far too many risks for a homeowner to do this on their own, especially if you own a 2 or 3 story home.  The risk of falling and due to inexperience or even weather conditions can create trouble. The dangers of falling are definitely not worth what little bit on money you would spend for a experienced professional. In addition, inappropriate knowledge on how to properly clean and flush gutters could create damage to your gutters. Don’t  get me wrong, I love the attitude of a GO GETTER and DO IT YOURSELFER, but in situations that have more risk, I always recommend letting experienced people to do it.

Your 2nd Option: Hire a company to come clean or repair them. This is a better option for homeowners. My reasoning….

When you hire a company you are saving yourself the time and hassle of doing it on your own. It is also much safer. A company will have appropriate safety training, knowledge and equipment to do this effectively. If you find a company to do this, I feel you will be pleased with the results. Please do a little homework when looking for a company to do this. It is important to spend a little time finding a good company to complete this for you so you know your getting your money’s worth and your gutters are done correctly.

Your 3rd Option: Purchase gutter guards or gutter caps. My recommendation is to purchase gutter caps over any other product. My reasoning…

Many homeowners purchase gutter mesh or gutter guards thinking it will keep those leaves out. However, this is a misconception. If you don’t routinely clean your gutters, those mesh or guards are doing you no good. You just wasted tons of money on something that isn’t working. I have seen it too many times where plant life grow right through the mesh or guards. Still creating a clog in your gutters and keeping water from flowing the way it was intended.

Now you can purchase a few different brands of gutter caps. Many brands require being bolted or screwed into your roofing. The sound of that just sounds horrible. That is why I believe in LeaFree the only one brand of caps I trust and it’s what we use.

We work closely with LeaFree, a company that specializes in gutter protection. This patented design allows water to enter the gutter while keeping leaves and debris out. The design of LeaFree allows for a custom fit to any home and DOESN”T penetrate your roof like other gutter caps. You won’t find a better product for your gutter nightmare solutions. Please check out their site to see how it works. This is the only true solution that will be the most cost-effective and you don’t have to spend time cleaning your gutters!


This can only be found exclusively with us here at Hogwash Cleaning Solutions. We are the only dealer in the area that can provide you with the cost-effective gutter system on the market!


What’s Eating Your Roof?

Algae, Moss, Mold & Lichen

 lichen growth on roof cross section roof algae algae on roof mossgrowth black streaks upclose moss on roof


Have you noticed black streaks on your home? Or on someone else’s home?

If you haven’t I am sure you will pay closer attention now. Once you become aware of this common problem on everyday homes, you will be more likely to notice it right away.

Now to the meat and potatoes….

What is eating your roof? Those black streak are the start of your concern. That my friends is algae and it is FEEDING on the limestone in your shingles. The algae and bacteria are feeding, growing and spreading on your roof. Eventually if left untreated for too long, you end up with a heavy moss growth and lichen growth. This can cause serious damage to your roof and reduce the life of it. This wearing can cost you thousands of dollars, as you will have to replace it sooner.

Most people just think the black streaks are ageing of the shingles but this is not the case at all. Unknown to you, its causing your home to look dirty, taking away the life of your roof and impacting your health! Those mold spores and bacteria spread and go airborne. If left to spread, it will eventually move into your home through the attic and go airborne inside and outside your home. Now you are at risk of breathing contaminants that can effect your health.

You may be asking why does it happen on my roof?

It is a simple explanation…

Moss is a simple plant that grows vertically and lacks the common conventional roots, stems and leaves like other plant life. The growth of mold is limited to moist locations where the sunlight is non-existent or infrequent.

So roof shingles are the perfect place for moss to thrive. Why is this?

  • It receives the most rainfall
  • Has higher level of humidity
  • lack of direct sunlight
  • accumulation of leaves and other organic debris to aid in its growth.

You will notice that many homes have black streaks on one side or the other. This is because the moss and algae grow on the side with the least amount of light and has the best conditions to live.

Now there is a simple fix and a much more cost-effective option.

Find a company, such as Hogwash, that is certified, insured, trained, knowledgeable and has the proper equipment to come out to clean your home.

Cleaning the algae before it gets to the next stage will save you tons of money and make your home look good again.

See for yourself what our services can do for you!

IMAG0174 IMAG0175

IMAG0125 IMAG0126




Home Owner Insurance Policy

Did you know….

Insurance companies CAN CANCEL your home insurance policy if your roof is Dirty.

moss before and afterDirty roof                                     alage moss lichen growth roof

Insurance companies have the right to cancel your policy. They do not want to pay for damaged roofs due to algae, mold or lichen growthTo avoid this they will threaten to cancel your policy.


First sign there is an issue…those unsightly black streaks!

If insurance companies get wind of algae growth, those black streaks, they will send you a letter saying you need to get his cleaned or the policy is terminated. If they find out you have moss or lichen growth, they will immediately suspend your policy.


Reasons are as follows:

  • A claim for a damaged roof due to algae, mold or lichen growth can cost them anywhere between $5000-$10000 to replace it. 
    • They want you to take care of this before a claim occurs. A cleaning costs less than replacement.
  • Untreated mold growth can cause serious issues other than just replacing your roof. 
    • It will eventually grow into your attic creating black mold. This will cost you even more out of pocket. Not only will you have to replace the roof but also get mold removed from your attic.
    • Can eventually cause heath problems if left untreated.
  • The untreated growth can depreciate the life of your shingles.
  • Those unsightly black streaks take away from the appearance of your home. As we like to say the curb appeal.
  • A dirty roof takes away the overall value 

Don’t Let This Happen To You!




roof before and after                                                                                EXPERIENCE THE HOGWASH DIFFERENCE!


Soft Washing VS Power Washing

What’s The Difference?

Here at Hogwash Cleaning Solutions, we use two separate methods of cleaning. Depending on what surface is being cleaned will determine the method.  Please note, in the pressure washing industry we are trained and certified to complete our services. It is up to us to determine the appropriate method of soft washing or power washing (pressure washing). If an error of judgement happens, then you have some serious damage to surfaces.

Now to the good stuff. You are asking yourself, what is the big deal? what is the difference? Well there is a huge difference and I hope to highlight these so you can make a good decision on who completes your next cleaning services.


Soft Washing:


Soft washing is a term we use in our industry which as it sounds is the opposite of pressure washing or power washing. While power washing is the preferred methods of contractors, we utilize this method(soft washing) for our delicate projects. Soft washing is gentle and non abrasive to the delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding, gutters, soffits, certain types of wood and shingles. The pressure is the same PSI (Pounds per square inch) as your garden hose. Power washing can cause serious damage to surfaces that can not withstand the power behind it. We have special soft washing systems to complete our cleaning services. These systems are comprised of our cleaning solution tanks, low pressure pumps, clean water tanks and all necessary tools to complete the procedure. There is never high pressure washers in our soft washing systems. This will give you peace of mind know your delicate surfaces are safe from damage.

The soft washing approach is based on our cleaning method that consists of specialized cleaning solutions to kill off mildew, algae and fungus deep at the root. These cleaning solutions are completely safe to use and are certified by manufactures. The cleaning solutions we use are sprayed on then rinsed off leaving nothing but clean undamaged surfaces.



This is the most effective way to clean your delicate exterior surfaces.

Power Washing:

IMG_0588 [1561747] IMG_0589 (1) [1561748]

Power washing is what most people commonly think of when they want their exterior surfaces cleaned. This method is not always the best choice as it can cause SERIOUS damage to surfaces that can’t handle the power. This method can be used with hot or cold water and our certified technicians will determine the best option.

A pressure washer or power washer is a mechanical device that uses a combination of high pressure stream and special nozzles to clean hardier surfaces such as concrete walkways, asphalt driveways, patios and some wooden decks. This method should only be used on surfaces that can maintain the pressure as a pressure washer send roughtly 750 to 4000 psi. This method is perfect to remove loose paint for paint prep, mold or mildew, dust and grime from hardy surfaces.

Buyer Beware

Please ensure when you are looking for a company to complete any type of exterior cleaning on your delicate surfaces, you know they have the proper knowledge and equipment. Otherwise you will be paying a tremendous amount of money to fix the damage. We are a company that has been doing this since 2009 and we have the knowledge, training and commercial grade equipment.

This is what happens when an average contractor or company power washes your home and doesn’t know what we know…..



It’s your choice….

Save yourself time, Money and Headaches. Call the professionals


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