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Magic of Copper

The Magic of Copper Strips

Your probably wondering what I mean about copper being magic. To us in our world, copper is the best preventative measure you can take after we clean your roof to keep it from getting reinfected with organic invaders. It is magical for you as a homeowner because you will NEVER have to clean your roof again after our one time clean. That means you will be saving tons of money.

Read on for all the juicy details…

Get an all natural solution to your dirty roof problems! This means no more need of cleaning your roof and no more risk of liability. Protect your investment!

While there is another preventive measure similar in concept to copper, which is zinc strips, I am going to solely focus on copper. Briefly, zinc strips are less expensive but the life use of them is significantly shorter.

Key Features and Benefits of Copper Strips

  • Double sided copper is 20 times stronger than zinc and lasts significantly longer
  • Copper uses the natural process of ionic interaction with water
  • It will blend with most shingle colors after oxidation
  • Works on roofs made of shingles, slate or cedar.
  • Improve the look of your roof by preventing organic growths from algae, moss, mold or lichen.
  • Save money on having to clean your roof.
  • Copper will continue to work for years and years. It can be reused on each new roof you have.

How is it done?

If your roof already has existing buildup of algae, moss, lichen or mold, you will definitely need to have it cleaned. Our low pressure roof wash kill these growths to prevent it from continuing to feed. Once your roof has been cleaned by us, we then suggest to invest in copper strips. The copper is install at the ridge of the roof with copper nails. Unlike zinc strips you do not have to put the copper in the middle of the roof to get the full effect of its prevention. We clean the roof one day and come back a few days later to do the install. The upfront cost of a roof cleaning and copper strips might seem like a lot to some, however if you factor the years of non-cleaning and maintenance, you will be saving tons of money.

Further elaboration…

The copper is installed at the ridge of the roof. When water from rain falls on the roof and hits the copper, you get a natural process that puts a protective barrier on your roof. Water interating with copper releases ions that prevent the growth of organic invaders such as algae, moss, lichen and mold. After a while, the copper will oxidize and give you a seamless look with your existing color of shingle.


Why do I get algae and other organic growths on my roof?

Algae is usually the first sign that you have an infected roof. Algae is that unsightly black area on your shingles. Those streaks are BAD and you want to get rid of them. Algae thrives or as I like to say feeds on your asphalt. They feed on one of the key ingredients in shingles which is limestone. Shingles also hold moisture from rain and humidity which provides the best environment for algae. Once you get this growth, please expect moss and lichen to shortly follow. Those are the worst growths to have!

Why do I need copper if I have a warranty?

First, warranties on shingles are very limited on coverage and scope. They typically provide a pro-rated algae resistant warranty. This does not give you any coverage against the bad growths such as lichen, moss or mold that can cause premature shingle failure. Secondly the only algae shingle manufacturers cover is the green algae. Sorry folks, your typical algae on the roof is black not green.

What exactly does algae do to my roof?

Algae slowly consumes the limestone in your shingle. This will weaken the shingle. Algae produces a dark pigment which we call the black streaks or patches. As this pigment accumulates on the roof, your roof will become less reflective. Once this occurs, you will begin to absorb more sunlight which is transferred into the house as heat. This can raise your cooling costs. As you have a thicker accumulation, your shingles will hold more moisture. Algae is the first step toward a huge problem. As it colonizes, it can lead to other fungus like lichen and moss. None of those are covered in your warranty. Worse than that, they will weaken and deteriorate your granular shingles. Diminishing your roof life.

Can I pressure wash my roof?

NO NO NO! The ARMA, Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association and all other manufacturers recommend to NOT pressure wash. WE do not recommend pressure washing your roof! Why? High pressure will damage your shingle roof. It will dislodge granules and will lead to premature shingle failure. You will immediately lose any warranty on your shingle if you use high pressure. In addition, pressure washing will not solve the organinc growth problem. Its a temporary solution to what you can see. It isn’t killing it. It will come back and you will be in a worse situation as you damaged your roof by using high pressure. Don’t do it! Call us.

Will copper void my warranty?

Our copper is pure grade copper. This is classified as a non-corroding metal and is resistant to corrosion. Manufacturers require the metal for flashing and valleys to be non-corroding. Since copper is a non-corroding metal it should not void your warranty. You can verify with them. Since most shingles have a minimal warranty from the manufacturer, the granulars most likely have some cooper embedded in the process. When it doubt, always check with the manufacturer.

What next?

If you feel your roof is infected, call us. We do free estimates. We will access the amount of buildup and give our best recommendation. After we clean your roof, it is always a good idea to either have us put you on a maintenance cleaning schedule or install copper strips. Protecting your investment will save you so much money and headaches!





Tips For Homeowners

Few Seasonal Tips for Homeowners:

·        Reasons why you should have your gutters cleaned.

·        How to winterize your house and save money?


Gutters serve an important role on and around your home. They assist with controlling the flow of rain water to protect your home. They keep the water from getting into the roof, walls, foundation and landscaping around the perimeter of your home. If neglected, gutters can be a nightmare.

Clogged gutters from leaves, sticks or other leafy debris will cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

If you do not maintain your gutters you could have the following issues:

1.      Leaky roof, walls, or foundation due to backed up downspouts or gutters.

2.      Perfect breeding ground for insects and critters.

3.      Perfect home for pests and rodents

You can judge how often you should have your gutters cleaned based on your location. If you live in an area that has many trees with falling leaves then you may find yourself cleaning more frequently. It should be done a minimum of two times a year as leaves fall year-round. Another option to avoid having to continuously clean gutters and reduce debris buildup is getting gutter covers. Good covers such as LeaFree will allow free water-flow and prevent any or very little debris from getting inside the gutter. Do your homework when shopping for gutter guards or covers. You could pay tons of money for these and find they do not do the job.

Be observant of your surrounding area and determine your time schedule for a gutter cleaning. Having your gutters cleaned will save you tons of money and headaches down the road.

Should you clean them yourself? Well, many people, myself included like to be do-ityourselfers but sometimes you need to step back and consider safety and experience. You must determine the risk for yourself.

Winterizing Your Home

Preparing for winter is always a pain. I know for myself, I dread the winter onset. But I am always prepared. How to save money while winterizing your home? The following are suggestions to help:

1.      Give your heating system a tune-up and change Furnace filters. Dirty filters restrict air flow. If you can, have your whole system cleaned to get any dust and dirt and bacteria out before you crank it up for the long winter. Also have your duct system inspected to properly seal any areas that allow air to escape the duct.

2.      Reverse your ceiling fans in a clockwise rotation. By reversing the direction of the blades, it circulates the warmer air near the top of the ceiling to the living space. This could cut your cost by 10%.

3.      Winterize you’re A/C units and water lines. Drain any hoses and pipes in air conditioning units and double check there is not excess water inside the equipment. You can blow out lines with an air compressor to ensure no water remains. Store any hoses that have been drained away and turn off all exterior water spigots. Any water lines or hoses not needed to for winter should be properly stored and drained.

4.      Turn down your water heater. You can reduce water heating costs by 6-10 % if you turn your water heater to 120 degrees instead of leaving it at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. (You can also invest in more energy efficient heaters, solar heaters or tank less heaters).

a. You can also insulate the pipe lines to not only decrease chance of pipe freezing but also allows you to pay less for hot water.

5.      Stop the draft. It is reported that a draft can waste about 5-30% of energy use. Use a draft snake or a rolled bath towel under a door. Anything you can place under the door to prevent the draft from coming through.

a.      Install storm doors and windows and put up insulated plastic.

b.      Use caulking and weather-stripping.

6.      Mind the thermostat. You can save on your energy budget by turning down the thermostat during times you are away. This can also do that same during the summer with cooling. 1-3 % can be saved on heating or cooling costs each degree you drop. You can also purchase a programmable thermostat to make it easier.

a.      Put on a sweater or use a blanket instead of turning up the thermostat.

Before the bitter cold hits, stay warm and cozy with all or some of these winter tips.

Benefits of our services

Benefits To You

Why choose us over our competitors?

Throughout our website, we highlight what services we offer and what they entail. But we do not fully review how those services benefit you and why you should choose us over anyone else. I think it is just as important for you to understand the importance of what we do as well as how it is going to help you. In this article, I am going to review these so you can understand why we should be your first pick over anyone else.

Features & Benefits

Feature:We are bonded and insured. We attend yearly safety training and training seminars in our field, training in new and existing equipment.

Your Benefit: 

  • Peace of mind knowing that we have taken steps to protect you and your property and contents from any damage or theft. Knowing you have an experience and trained technician completing the work.

Feature: Readily available and flexible. We work six days a week from sun up to sun down. You need us on Sunday? By appointment, we can work on a Sunday. We work during times other companies do not. We are absolutely committed to our clients and ensure we are available 24/7 through our various contact channels such as text, phone, email, website chat and on social media. You will get a response within minutes to hours depending on the channel of contact.

Your benefit:

  • You get a company that works around your schedule.
  • Available 24/7
  • Open communication for all questions, comments or concerns.
  • Transparency

Our service: Low pressure washing on delicate surfaces such as roofs, house, gutters, fencing and more. This is the only method that should be used on delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding, gutters, cedar, soffitts and others. Our method will ensure that the debris and grime buildup that creates an unsightly look around your home is removed. It also ensures that organic growths like mold and algae are killed. Our method utilizes special equipment and cleaning solution to give you a lasting clean.

Your benefit: 

  • No damage to any of those delicate areas. You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on damaged surfaces if the wrong cleaning method is applied.
  • It actually kills the organic invader feeding on your delicate surfaces.
  • It will give you instant curb appeal.
  • It will increase the value of your home.
  •  Maintain and enhance the longevity.
  • Saves you time & headaches.
  • Safer to have a professional complete instead of trying to do it yourself.

Our Service: Power washing or pressure washing on hardier surfaces such as concrete, brick, asphalt, stone, and certain types of decking/patios. Pressure washing should only be used on surfaces that can withstand the pressure amounts between 750- 4000 psi. Serious damage can occur with inexperience, lack of knowledge and improper use of the equipment.

Your Benefit:

  • No damage to any surfaces which means money saved. Our trained technicians know how much pressure specific surfaces can withstand. Our professional grade equipment will ensure you get a uniform clean. This will make sure surfaces like wood decking won’t get shredded apart by having the pressure tip to close or wrong psi.
  • Uniform clean. When pressure washing, you want to make sure you keep the psi and pressure tip the same. Otherwise, you will see lines or cause damage.
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a trained and experience technician completing the work.
  • Completely kills any organic invader like mold growing on the surfaces.
  • It will give you instant curb appeal.
  • It will increase the value of your home.
  •  Maintain and enhance the longevity.
  • Saves you time & headaches.

Our Service: Gutter cleaning and flush and gutter caps with leafree. We clean all debris inside the gutters, exterior on the gutters, unclog areas that are impacted, flush them to ensure proper water flow, repair any areas that need them and install our special designed gutter caps. Gutter systems are designed to control the flow of water away from your home to prevent problems such as flooded basements, cracked foundations and rotten wood. Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems.

Your Benefit:

  • Safety. Personal harm could occur when using ladders and walking on roofs. If you are not equipped with the proper equipment or safety devices, you could potentially risk a fall.
  • Save you money. You could have some costly repairs if you have gutter systems that do not work properly. If flow is impacted by clogs, you could end up with  serious issues such as flooded basements, cracked foundations, rotten wood or insect breading grounds. All costly issues.
  • Save you time and headaches.
  • Peace of mind.

Our Service: Janitorial & floor care services. We offer residential and commercial janitorial services. We have the top of the line equipment in the industry to complete cleanings. We design our cleaning packages to accommodate your needs. We use equipment such as vacuums with HEPA filtration, floor machines to pull up more dirt and instantly dry floors, top of the line buffers, burnishers and disinfectants with 1 minute kill times for bacteria. Our janitorial managers conduct quality control audits and surprise inspections to ensure our standard of cleaning is being done.

Your Benefit:

  • Better clean because of the newest janitorial equipment and technology.
  • Hepa filtration gives you better air quality because it helps keep the dust down in the building. You will save on your cleaning budget because there will be less dusting needed.
  • Less sick days for your or the employees working in your building because we have equipment and cleaning disinfectants that kill bacteria such as influenza, MRSA, Salmonella and various others with a kill time of 1 minute or less.
  • You do not have to worry that the cleaning is not being done or have to contact us about a problem. We conduct audits, quality control checks and surprise inspections to ensure high standards of cleaning.
  • Open communication and supply management. We continuously keep in contact if supplies are running low so there is no worry about having necessary items such as toilet paper or soap. We are conscious on supply consumption and make sure supplies are used efficiently.
  • Tailor cleaning package to stay within your budget.

We understand the importance of  knowing what you are getting out of the services you receive. We know that value is extremely important. This is why I wanted to highlight some of the services and features we offer and why they benefit you. I wanted to take this on the perspective of a customer. We want you to understand why we are the better choice compared to competitors. You know we offer a variety of cleaning options, we are insured, trained, have top of the line equipment, experience and knowledge. Having a full picture of the company is important in the determination of choosing them. You want to know what your are getting for the price you pay. You don’t want someone with inexperience or improper equipment. This could potentially cost you more in the long run and be more of a headache. Let us save you from the headache and make the process painless.



What To Expect When Hiring A Janitorial Company

Knowledge Is Power


As a business owner, I have my own way of coming to decisions. Some decisions come easy and others take some thought. Each business person has their own specific way to come to a conclusion on a decision. I wanted to share my thoughts on what you should consider when hiring a cleaning company. This can be applied to other decisions on contractors, as the thought process is the same.

When you are a business owner, you constantly have to make decisions that influence the company. No matter the size of the decision, each one impacts the success of the company. The ending result of a decision is based off of multiple factors such as perceived risk, rewards, emotion, education, stress and others. This is why a business owner implements reliable structure and procedures. Evaluating the possibilities to come to a sound decision is one thing all business owners do. When looking to hire an employee or a contractor, they are always looking for specific qualities. These qualities are analyzed to see if they fall into the perceived level of risk and how they will impact the company. No matter the size of the decision, the business owner will go through the same line of thinking to come to a conclusion.

Things to consider when hiring a professional

Most companies like to outsource their janitorial needs because facility cleaning, like office space is too time consuming and tiresome of a task. In most instances it is not practical to keep your cleaning needs in house. This is when you decide to hire a cleaning company. When it comes time to hire a company, you find yourself in an overwhelmed state of mind. You then ask yourself, who do I hire and how? You look up janitorial services online and find multiple listings of cleaning companies in your needed area. How do you decide what one to choose? How do you know if they will meet your needs? Will they do the job you expect?

If you are looking to outsource the work, then you realize there are advantages but how do you know what one will give you the best impact to your company? I hope to make the decision a little easier with helpful hints.

Helpful Hints

Does the company present itself and it’s employees in a professional manner?

When you are looking to hire a cleaning company, you want to make sure they present themselves in the most professional manner possible. Your first impression will be based off their website listing. A well put together website seems more appealing than a dated one. But this also goes beyond the persona and physical appearance too. The company should be dedicated to proper training in the equipment and safety, proper equipment to complete the work, experienced employees and procedures to ensure proper cleaning for quality control.The company should know how to properly clean and treat furniture, fixtures, flooring and other surfaces in the work area to avoid any damage. Do not be afraid to ask the company about these things. It is important as a hiring company to know the experience level and quality control the company has.

What cleaning services do they offer?

When looking to hire a company to take over your office cleaning, it is important to understand the services they offer. You want to make sure that you can hire a company that offers a wide array of services. This will save you a headache and the hassle of finding multiple companies to get the work done. Talk to the company to express what you are looking for. They will be able to tailor a custom package for your needs. Do not be afraid to see what additional services they offer above and beyond what you are currently looking for. This could be helpful to you in a future need. This could save you time and money down the road.

What equipment is used in their jobs?

When you are looking to get a professional cleaning for your office or facility, you want a company that has appropriate equipment. The ordinary mop, bucket, vacuum and duster just might not do. Depending on the need, it may require more proficient equipment like a buffer, floor scrubber or burnisher. Understanding what kind of maintenance your office needs, will assist you with knowing what company will work. When looking for a company ask them what they use for equipment.  See if they are using the most up to date equipment in the industry. Remember, it is all about quality control. Proper equipment and properly trained employees make for an increased proficiency.

How long has the business been established?

When hiring a janitorial company, experience is very important. Knowing that the company has experience under it’s belt means they can tackle any task given. This also means their employees have been trained properly and know their expectations in the field. You want to hire a company that understands how to run equipment and what equipment or services need to be done to complete the job. There is nothing wrong with asking how long the company has been in business and how many years of experience do they have in the janitorial world.

Do they carry insurance?

When looking to hire a company, it does not hurt to check to see if they have insurance. It is important to know that they have coverage. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from any liability. This also illustrates the company realizes the importance of protecting it’s clients.


Doing your homework is necessary when looking to outsource your cleaning needs. Always make sure your questions or concerns are addressed before you hire. Understanding the mentality of a company is very important. In the end, it will save you time, money and a headache.

Here at Hogwash Cleaning Solutions, you are guaranteed a professional experience every time. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. 518-746-4119 We want to help you with all of your cleaning needs, interior and exterior. We are your go to company for all things cleaning!



The Right Tool For The Job

What Sets Us Apart

Your Tools:

You all have heard the saying use the right tool for the job. Everyone knows having the appropriate tool makes all the difference in the results in anything we do. We know the quality of that tool also plays a huge role in the finished product. When you are in the industry of what we do, it is absolutely important to have the best tools on the market to give topnotch results.

You can go to any big box store and find a power washer that puts out 3.5 GPM (gallons per minute) and pay $800-$900 on it. This type of power washer is great for you basic at home washing needs like washing your car or a farm tractor. While this big box store power washer is great for simple washing, it is not meant for professional use. We can not buy our power washers or washing systems at your big box stores. We order our tools from a company out of state that carries the newest and advanced equipment for professional cleaning companies like us. This type of equipment is costly  investment but it guarantees the quality service our clients deserve. Since these tools are extremely important to our business, we ensure that our rigs are setup to provide the best functionality. From hose reels, to soft washing pumps, to water tanks, to our special spray tips, to pole extensions to our different sized power washers,  we are prepared for every job and every surprise that can occur on a job. And for those jobs that require some more elbow grease, we use a hot tank which pushes out hot water to cut through grime. We typically use this on fleet washing or hard to clean concrete.

What does the perception of the rig and company say about the contractor you hired?

When you are looking to get your delicate surfaces like vinyl siding washed or your hardier surfaces like concrete washed, you want to hire a contractor that has the appropriate tools. You will find that Hogwash has invested in the best equipment available in our industry. We ensure our units are setup so we can work efficiently and effectively. This will create an overall better experience for our crew and clients. When you are looking to hire a company to take care of the exterior cleaning on one of your investments, look to see what tools they come with. You will get a good idea as to what you can expect for results.

Committed To Service

We are prepared for all the necessary needs of our clients. Each particular need requires a special tool or cleaning solution. The solution mix we use on a house wash will not work on a roof wash.  The solution mix we use on a roof wash will not remove rust stains on your concrete. If you hire a company who rolls out a big box store power washer, you can expect a non-professional cleaning and potential issues down the road. In experience even with a big box store power washer can create damage. (See our article on soft washing VS power washing). When Hogwash rolls into a clients property, we have the professional equipment, professional cleaning solutions and training to meet every need.

Look at all our services, before and after photos and other blog articles to learn more about Hogwash.


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