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Sparkle and Shine: The Art and Science of Window Cleaning

Sparkle and Shine: The Art and Science of Window Cleaning

Welcome to our window into the world of sparkling clean windows! If you’ve ever wondered about the magic behind streak-free, crystal-clear glass, you’re in for a treat. Join us as we dive into the fun and fascinating world of window cleaning.

Why Clean Windows Matter

Let’s start with the basics: why should you care about clean windows? Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal (who doesn’t love a sunlit room with pristine views?), clean windows also:

  • Boost your mood: Natural light floods in, instantly lifting spirits and brightening interiors.
  • Enhance curb appeal: Clean windows make a great first impression, whether you’re welcoming guests or potential buyers.
  • Improve energy efficiency: Clear glass maximizes natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

The Art of Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows isn’t just about wiping off dirt. It’s a craft that combines technique, tools, and a touch of finesse:

  • Choosing the right tools: From purified water-fed poles to squeegees to microfiber cloths, having the right equipment ensures a streak-free finish.
  • Technique matters: Start from top to bottom, use horizontal strokes on one side and vertical on the other to identify streaks easily.
  • Secret ingredient: Choosing the right cleaning products for effective cleaning solution.

Fun Facts about Window Cleaning

Did you know?

  • The world’s tallest buildings have windows that take weeks to clean and use specially designed rigs for safety and efficiency.
  • The first professional window cleaners used vinegar and newspaper for streak-free results.
  • In the early 20th century, window cleaners were called “hangers-on” due to their precarious job hanging from buildings.

Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Ready to tackle your own window cleaning adventure? Here are some pro tips to achieve that spotless shine:

  • Cloudy day advantage: Clean windows on a cloudy day to prevent streaking from the sun drying the cleaner too quickly.
  • Swap out sponges: Use separate sponges for inside and outside windows to avoid transferring dirt.
  • Reach new heights: Invest in a telescopic pole or ladder to safely clean high windows without risking falls.

Why Choose Professional Window Cleaning?

While DIY is fun, sometimes leaving it to the pros ensures the best results:

  • Time-saving: Professionals bring efficiency and speed, leaving you more time for things you enjoy.
  • Safety first: High-rise or difficult-to-reach windows are best left to trained experts equipped with safety gear.
  • Long-term care: Regular professional cleaning prolongs window life by preventing buildup and damage.

Join the Sparkle Squad

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer to leave it to the experts, clean windows are a joy to behold. Ready to let your windows sparkle and shine? Contact us today and let’s make your views clearer and your home brighter!

Let’s keep those windows gleaming and the world outside crystal clear. Until next time, stay bright and enjoy the view!

Unveiling the Magic of Copper Strips: Protect Your Roof, Save Money!

Unveiling the Magic of Copper Strips: Protect Your Roof, Save Money!

You might be wondering, “What’s so magical about copper?” Well, in our world, copper isn’t just a metal—it’s your roof’s best defense against those pesky organic invaders. Imagine never having to clean your roof again after just one treatment. That’s not just magic—it’s a money-saving marvel!

Discover the Benefits…

Experience an all-natural solution to your roof maintenance headaches. Say goodbye to cleaning and potential liability issues while safeguarding your investment.

Why Copper Strips?

While zinc strips offer a similar concept, copper steals the show with its longevity and effectiveness:

  • Double-sided durability: 20 times stronger and lasts significantly longer than zinc.
  • Natural protection: Utilizes ionic interaction with water to prevent algae, moss, mold, and lichen.
  • Aesthetic blend: Oxidizes to blend seamlessly with most shingle colors.
  • Universal application: Works wonders on shingles, slate, cedar, and more.

How It Works:

Once we’ve cleaned your roof of existing growth, we install copper strips along the ridge. Unlike zinc, copper doesn’t need to be placed throughout the roof to be effective. This initial investment pays off over the years with minimal maintenance, saving you substantial costs in the long run.

Further Insights…

As rainwater interacts with the copper, ions are released to form a protective barrier that inhibits organic growth. Over time, the copper oxidizes to match your roof’s natural color, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.


Why do I get algae on my roof? Algae thrives on the limestone in shingles, aided by moisture from rain and humidity. It’s a precursor to more damaging growths like moss and lichen, which can severely compromise your roof’s integrity.

Do I need copper if I have a warranty? Most shingle warranties only cover green algae and provide limited protection. They won’t shield against damaging growths like lichen or mold, making copper strips a wise investment for long-term roof health.

Can I pressure wash my roof? Absolutely not! High-pressure washing damages shingles and accelerates granule loss, voiding warranties and worsening organic growth issues. Our gentle cleaning methods ensure your roof’s longevity without risk.

Will copper void my warranty? Our pure-grade copper is non-corrosive and won’t compromise your shingle warranty. Manufacturers require non-corrosive metals for flashing, ensuring compatibility with your roof’s materials.

What’s Next?

If your roof shows signs of infestation, contact us for a free estimate. We’ll assess the buildup and recommend the best solution. Whether it’s a thorough cleaning or installing copper strips, protecting your roof is an investment that pays dividends in savings and peace of mind.

Ready to experience the magic of copper? Let us help you safeguard your home with our proven roof protection solutions. Contact us today for a cleaner, worry-free tomorrow!

What Sets Us Apart: The Hogwash Difference

What Sets Us Apart: The Hogwash Difference

The Right Tools for the Job

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Use the right tool for the job.” It’s true: having the appropriate tool makes all the difference in achieving great results. The quality of those tools also plays a huge role in the finished product. In our industry, it’s absolutely essential to have the best tools on the market to deliver top-notch results.

Sure, you can walk into any big box store and find a power washer that puts out 3.5 GPM (gallons per minute) for $800-$900. This type of power washer is perfect for basic at-home needs like washing your car or farm tractor. While this power washer is great for simple tasks, it’s not designed for professional use.

At Hogwash, we can’t rely on these big box store options. We invest in the newest and most advanced equipment from specialized companies. These tools are a costly investment, but they guarantee the quality service our clients deserve. We ensure our rigs are set up to provide the best functionality, from hose reels to soft washing pumps, water tanks, special spray tips, pole extensions, and different-sized power washers. For those tough jobs, we even use a hot tank that pushes out hot water to cut through grime—perfect for fleet washing or stubborn concrete cleaning.

The Perception of Professionalism

When you’re looking to get your delicate surfaces like vinyl siding or hardier surfaces like concrete cleaned, you want to hire a contractor with the right tools. At Hogwash, we’ve invested in the best equipment available in our industry. Our units are set up to work efficiently and effectively, creating a better experience for our crew and clients. When hiring a company for exterior cleaning, check out their tools—you’ll get a good idea of the results you can expect.

Commitment to Service

We’re prepared for all our clients’ needs, with each particular requirement demanding a special tool or cleaning solution. The solution mix for a house wash won’t work on a roof wash, and the roof wash solution won’t remove rust stains from concrete. Hiring a company with only a big box store power washer means you can expect a non-professional cleaning and potential issues down the road. Inexperienced use of even basic equipment can cause damage (check out our article on soft washing vs. power washing). When Hogwash arrives at a client’s property, we bring professional equipment, cleaning solutions, and training to meet every need.

What Does Our Professional Setup Say About Us?

Imagine a contractor rolling up to your home in a rig equipped with state-of-the-art gear and meticulously maintained tools. This setup speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the service you’re about to receive. Our professional appearance and readiness signal that we’re serious about our work and dedicated to providing the best possible results for you.

Custom Solutions for Every Job

Every cleaning task is unique, requiring specific approaches and solutions. Our extensive array of tools allows us to tailor our services to each job’s unique demands. From the gentlest soft wash for delicate surfaces to high-pressure cleaning for tough stains, we have the right equipment and expertise to handle it all.

Why Choose Hogwash?

– Expertise and Experience: Our team is trained to handle the most advanced equipment and techniques, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning process.
– Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize our clients’ satisfaction by delivering superior results with every job. Our commitment to quality means you can trust us to take care of your property as if it were our own.
– Cutting-Edge Equipment: We stay ahead of industry trends by continuously updating our tools and methods, ensuring we provide the best service possible.

Explore all our services, before and after photos, and other blog articles to learn more about Hogwash.


Tips For Homeowners

Few Seasonal Tips for Homeowners:

·        Reasons why you should have your gutters cleaned.

·        How to winterize your house and save money?


Gutters serve an important role on and around your home. They assist with controlling the flow of rain water to protect your home. They keep the water from getting into the roof, walls, foundation and landscaping around the perimeter of your home. If neglected, gutters can be a nightmare.

Clogged gutters from leaves, sticks or other leafy debris will cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

If you do not maintain your gutters you could have the following issues:

1.      Leaky roof, walls, or foundation due to backed up downspouts or gutters.

2.      Perfect breeding ground for insects and critters.

3.      Perfect home for pests and rodents

You can judge how often you should have your gutters cleaned based on your location. If you live in an area that has many trees with falling leaves then you may find yourself cleaning more frequently. It should be done a minimum of two times a year as leaves fall year-round. Another option to avoid having to continuously clean gutters and reduce debris buildup is getting gutter covers. Good covers such as LeaFree will allow free water-flow and prevent any or very little debris from getting inside the gutter. Do your homework when shopping for gutter guards or covers. You could pay tons of money for these and find they do not do the job.

Be observant of your surrounding area and determine your time schedule for a gutter cleaning. Having your gutters cleaned will save you tons of money and headaches down the road.

Should you clean them yourself? Well, many people, myself included like to be do-ityourselfers but sometimes you need to step back and consider safety and experience. You must determine the risk for yourself.

Winterizing Your Home

Preparing for winter is always a pain. I know for myself, I dread the winter onset. But I am always prepared. How to save money while winterizing your home? The following are suggestions to help:

1.      Give your heating system a tune-up and change Furnace filters. Dirty filters restrict air flow. If you can, have your whole system cleaned to get any dust and dirt and bacteria out before you crank it up for the long winter. Also have your duct system inspected to properly seal any areas that allow air to escape the duct.

2.      Reverse your ceiling fans in a clockwise rotation. By reversing the direction of the blades, it circulates the warmer air near the top of the ceiling to the living space. This could cut your cost by 10%.

3.      Winterize you’re A/C units and water lines. Drain any hoses and pipes in air conditioning units and double check there is not excess water inside the equipment. You can blow out lines with an air compressor to ensure no water remains. Store any hoses that have been drained away and turn off all exterior water spigots. Any water lines or hoses not needed to for winter should be properly stored and drained.

4.      Turn down your water heater. You can reduce water heating costs by 6-10 % if you turn your water heater to 120 degrees instead of leaving it at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. (You can also invest in more energy efficient heaters, solar heaters or tank less heaters).

a. You can also insulate the pipe lines to not only decrease chance of pipe freezing but also allows you to pay less for hot water.

5.      Stop the draft. It is reported that a draft can waste about 5-30% of energy use. Use a draft snake or a rolled bath towel under a door. Anything you can place under the door to prevent the draft from coming through.

a.      Install storm doors and windows and put up insulated plastic.

b.      Use caulking and weather-stripping.

6.      Mind the thermostat. You can save on your energy budget by turning down the thermostat during times you are away. This can also do that same during the summer with cooling. 1-3 % can be saved on heating or cooling costs each degree you drop. You can also purchase a programmable thermostat to make it easier.

a.      Put on a sweater or use a blanket instead of turning up the thermostat.

Before the bitter cold hits, stay warm and cozy with all or some of these winter tips.

Discover Why Hogwash Cleaning Solutions Stands Above the Rest!

Discover Why Hogwash Cleaning Solutions Stands Above the Rest!

Choosing the right cleaning service is crucial for protecting your home and ensuring long-term value. At Hogwash Cleaning Solutions, we not only offer a range of expert services but also deliver unmatched benefits that set us apart from competitors. Here’s why you should choose us:

Insured Professionals

Feature: We are insured, with yearly safety and training seminars for our team.

Your Benefit: Peace of mind knowing your property is protected. Our trained technicians deliver secure, professional service.

Flexible Availability

Feature: We’re available six days a week, with appointments available on Sundays by request. We offer 24/7 support via text, phone, email, website chat, and social media.

Your Benefit: Service that fits your schedule, with open communication for any questions or concerns. We’re here when you need us most.

Specialized Soft Washing for Delicate Surfaces

Service: Low-pressure washing for delicate surfaces like vinyl siding, cedar, and more.

Your Benefit:Prevents damage and extends the life of your surfaces. Removes organic growths like mold and algae, enhancing curb appeal and property value.

Professional Pressure Washing for Hardier Surfaces

Service: High-pressure washing for concrete, brick, and other durable surfaces.

Your Benefit: Safe, uniform cleaning that preserves surfaces. Enhances curb appeal and property value while saving you time and headaches.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Service: Comprehensive gutter cleaning, including flush and installation of gutter caps like Leafree.

Your Benefit: Prevents costly damage like flooded basements and cracked foundations. Ensures safety and peace of mind with professional service.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the value of transparent, quality service. Hogwash Cleaning Solutions offers more than just cleaning—we provide peace of mind. With insured professionals, advanced equipment, and tailored service packages, we ensure you receive the best value for your investment. Don’t settle for less—choose Hogwash Cleaning Solutions and experience a hassle-free, professional cleaning experience.

Let us take care of the details while you enjoy a cleaner, safer environment. Contact us today to learn more and discover the Hogwash difference!

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