Restaurants – Hood Cleaning and Facility Servicing

Providing a clean and comfortable environment for your staff and clientele is just as important as the food that leaves your kitchen.

Few privately held restaurants can afford to keep a janitorial crew on staff, so that means the task of keeping the restaurant clean goes to the employees or owner. It’s tough to run a restaurant and accomplish the cleanliness level that removes built up grime, grease and build up in the kitchen exhaust systems required to pass regular FDA inspections all at the same time. Add to this the restaurant floors, food preparation areas, walk-in freezers and cooking tops – all need special attention from time to time. Plus high traffic customer areas like entryways, foyers, sidewalks and bathrooms; outdoor areas like parking lots, façades, windows, rooftop HVAC units and compactors.

Hogwash Can Help!

Hogwash has the experience, expertise, and professionalism you can count on. PLUS you can rest assured your job is completed to EPA standards and in an environmentally sustainable way.

Hogwash can keep your restaurant clean inside and out. From kitchen exhaust hoods to bathroom floors and everything in between. Hogwash will hot-power wash, steam, and hand clean the entire kitchen exhaust system from the rooftop fan all the way down to the cooktop.

“If It’s Dirty, We Clean It!”

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If you are looking for the perfect company to perform Facility Cleaning Services in Upstate NY, you won’t find a company with a better track record than Hogwash Cleaning Solutions. A family owned and operated business! We make your life easy by providing you with cost saving benefits for a variety of interior and exterior cleaning services for your commercial properties.