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Magic of Copper

By June 17, 2017December 10th, 2020No Comments

The Magic of Copper Strips

Your probably wondering what I mean about copper being magic. To us in our world, copper is the best preventative measure you can take after we clean your roof to keep it from getting reinfected with organic invaders. It is magical for you as a homeowner because you will NEVER have to clean your roof again after our one time clean. That means you will be saving tons of money.

Read on for all the juicy details…

Get an all natural solution to your dirty roof problems! This means no more need of cleaning your roof and no more risk of liability. Protect your investment!

While there is another preventive measure similar in concept to copper, which is zinc strips, I am going to solely focus on copper. Briefly, zinc strips are less expensive but the life use of them is significantly shorter.

Key Features and Benefits of Copper Strips

  • Double sided copper is 20 times stronger than zinc and lasts significantly longer
  • Copper uses the natural process of ionic interaction with water
  • It will blend with most shingle colors after oxidation
  • Works on roofs made of shingles, slate or cedar.
  • Improve the look of your roof by preventing organic growths from algae, moss, mold or lichen.
  • Save money on having to clean your roof.
  • Copper will continue to work for years and years. It can be reused on each new roof you have.

How is it done?

If your roof already has existing buildup of algae, moss, lichen or mold, you will definitely need to have it cleaned. Our low pressure roof wash kill these growths to prevent it from continuing to feed. Once your roof has been cleaned by us, we then suggest to invest in copper strips. The copper is install at the ridge of the roof with copper nails. Unlike zinc strips you do not have to put the copper in the middle of the roof to get the full effect of its prevention. We clean the roof one day and come back a few days later to do the install. The upfront cost of a roof cleaning and copper strips might seem like a lot to some, however if you factor the years of non-cleaning and maintenance, you will be saving tons of money.

Further elaboration…

The copper is installed at the ridge of the roof. When water from rain falls on the roof and hits the copper, you get a natural process that puts a protective barrier on your roof. Water interating with copper releases ions that prevent the growth of organic invaders such as algae, moss, lichen and mold. After a while, the copper will oxidize and give you a seamless look with your existing color of shingle.


Why do I get algae and other organic growths on my roof?

Algae is usually the first sign that you have an infected roof. Algae is that unsightly black area on your shingles. Those streaks are BAD and you want to get rid of them. Algae thrives or as I like to say feeds on your asphalt. They feed on one of the key ingredients in shingles which is limestone. Shingles also hold moisture from rain and humidity which provides the best environment for algae. Once you get this growth, please expect moss and lichen to shortly follow. Those are the worst growths to have!

Why do I need copper if I have a warranty?

First, warranties on shingles are very limited on coverage and scope. They typically provide a pro-rated algae resistant warranty. This does not give you any coverage against the bad growths such as lichen, moss or mold that can cause premature shingle failure. Secondly the only algae shingle manufacturers cover is the green algae. Sorry folks, your typical algae on the roof is black not green.

What exactly does algae do to my roof?

Algae slowly consumes the limestone in your shingle. This will weaken the shingle. Algae produces a dark pigment which we call the black streaks or patches. As this pigment accumulates on the roof, your roof will become less reflective. Once this occurs, you will begin to absorb more sunlight which is transferred into the house as heat. This can raise your cooling costs. As you have a thicker accumulation, your shingles will hold more moisture. Algae is the first step toward a huge problem. As it colonizes, it can lead to other fungus like lichen and moss. None of those are covered in your warranty. Worse than that, they will weaken and deteriorate your granular shingles. Diminishing your roof life.

Can I pressure wash my roof?

NO NO NO! The ARMA, Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association and all other manufacturers recommend to NOT pressure wash. WE do not recommend pressure washing your roof! Why? High pressure will damage your shingle roof. It will dislodge granules and will lead to premature shingle failure. You will immediately lose any warranty on your shingle if you use high pressure. In addition, pressure washing will not solve the organinc growth problem. Its a temporary solution to what you can see. It isn’t killing it. It will come back and you will be in a worse situation as you damaged your roof by using high pressure. Don’t do it! Call us.

Will copper void my warranty?

Our copper is pure grade copper. This is classified as a non-corroding metal and is resistant to corrosion. Manufacturers require the metal for flashing and valleys to be non-corroding. Since copper is a non-corroding metal it should not void your warranty. You can verify with them. Since most shingles have a minimal warranty from the manufacturer, the granulars most likely have some cooper embedded in the process. When it doubt, always check with the manufacturer.

What next?

If you feel your roof is infected, call us. We do free estimates. We will access the amount of buildup and give our best recommendation. After we clean your roof, it is always a good idea to either have us put you on a maintenance cleaning schedule or install copper strips. Protecting your investment will save you so much money and headaches!





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