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The Right Tool For The Job

By January 31, 2017December 10th, 2020No Comments

What Sets Us Apart

Your Tools:

You all have heard the saying use the right tool for the job. Everyone knows having the appropriate tool makes all the difference in the results in anything we do. We know the quality of that tool also plays a huge role in the finished product. When you are in the industry of what we do, it is absolutely important to have the best tools on the market to give topnotch results.

You can go to any big box store and find a power washer that puts out 3.5 GPM (gallons per minute) and pay $800-$900 on it. This type of power washer is great for you basic at home washing needs like washing your car or a farm tractor. While this big box store power washer is great for simple washing, it is not meant for professional use. We can not buy our power washers or washing systems at your big box stores. We order our tools from a company out of state that carries the newest and advanced equipment for professional cleaning companies like us. This type of equipment is costly  investment but it guarantees the quality service our clients deserve. Since these tools are extremely important to our business, we ensure that our rigs are setup to provide the best functionality. From hose reels, to soft washing pumps, to water tanks, to our special spray tips, to pole extensions to our different sized power washers,  we are prepared for every job and every surprise that can occur on a job. And for those jobs that require some more elbow grease, we use a hot tank which pushes out hot water to cut through grime. We typically use this on fleet washing or hard to clean concrete.

What does the perception of the rig and company say about the contractor you hired?

When you are looking to get your delicate surfaces like vinyl siding washed or your hardier surfaces like concrete washed, you want to hire a contractor that has the appropriate tools. You will find that Hogwash has invested in the best equipment available in our industry. We ensure our units are setup so we can work efficiently and effectively. This will create an overall better experience for our crew and clients. When you are looking to hire a company to take care of the exterior cleaning on one of your investments, look to see what tools they come with. You will get a good idea as to what you can expect for results.

Committed To Service

We are prepared for all the necessary needs of our clients. Each particular need requires a special tool or cleaning solution. The solution mix we use on a house wash will not work on a roof wash.  The solution mix we use on a roof wash will not remove rust stains on your concrete. If you hire a company who rolls out a big box store power washer, you can expect a non-professional cleaning and potential issues down the road. In experience even with a big box store power washer can create damage. (See our article on soft washing VS power washing). When Hogwash rolls into a clients property, we have the professional equipment, professional cleaning solutions and training to meet every need.

Look at all our services, before and after photos and other blog articles to learn more about Hogwash.


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